Baby steps

When I was about 5 or 6, me and my big bro took our first steps into the gaming world. Our aunt got us a GameBoy(against my parents will, of course) with these 3 games:

My first games <3

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you we were psyched… Our own gameboy, with Tetris AND Wario? Woooooow! But… what’s that? The Legend of Zelda? Never heard of it.  Who’s Zelda anyway?
That would soon change though. It wouldn’t be long before my brother was crying cause I accidentally deleted his saved game. Two years later, we finally finished it. Two kids, 8 and 10, that never got taught English, except by the TV and Magic the Gathering, and yet we did it. I remember it now as a big feat of strength. Working together on solutions for big problems. Figuring out what weapon was needed where. Me being scared from the Link-eating-flowers near the third (?) dungeon. Going to my aunt every weekend so she could help us think of new solutions and strategies Stalking the toy store whenever we got stuck. Fighting the final boss fight over and over and over, till we finally killed the ****.

Those were the days. Determination. Learning the rules of the game. Not knowing what the story was about (some guy woke up and there was a castle… and a lot of monsters!) till we discovered the internet 7  years later. Coöperating with my brother and my aunt, to accumulate our knowledge and strategies. We even picked up quite a few words of English: feather, sword, shield, bracelet, …

Good times! And then people dare say gaming is a waste of time? I think not!

Funny fact: We’re 15 years later and I started 4 or 5 other Zelda games after that. Yet I never managed to finish one again.

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  1. When I was in H.S. I wrote a report on video games. Long story short, video games help young kids develop critical thinking skills, reading, grammar, strategy, and other things.

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