Be still, poor heart…

Coming home for the weekend… I find the hallway completely overrun with old ‘trash’ from the attic. All our old books, toys, lego, … Almost all of it had to go. Thank god my mum gave me the chance to go through it one more time, to see what I want to keep. Of course after telling me with a sad smile I’d ‘deprive’ some child in need of all the great experiences I had years ago. Blackmail I call it! Blackmail!

So, I found tons of things to go nostalgic over. I almost cried with all the memories. But that’s not what I wanted to show you guys. In between all the stuff I’d gladly donate to some less fortunate kid, I found this beauty I’ll never part with:

If you remember Tracy Island… You’re awesome! No offense to the kids younger than me, but they don’t know what they missed. It’s only one of the best children’s show ever. Of course I’m talking about  Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John Tracy. Also known as… *drumroll* The Thunderbirds!

Oh and… Thunderbird 5 was sooooo the best one! Without him, all the others would be lost and informationless. You can’t rescue the world if you don’t have information. Go, John, go!

The great John in the sky

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