If you feel like trying an amazing actionRPG, try Bastion by Supergiant Games.

It won several awards this year, and with reason. Multiple reasons actually.

  1. Fabulous artwork.

    Wow, just wow!

  2. Great voice-overs. You don’t hear the Kid talking, but the story teller. He has this voice that melts a women like sugar. Sean Connery style but even better. And don’t forget the sarcasm! If you make a stupid fall off of a ledge, you’ll hear about it. The comments from the storyteller made me smile, giggle, laugh out loud and sometimes they even touched my heart for real.
  3. Game play. Seriously. Try it. The world around you gets made up as you go (you’ll see what I mean) and it’s full of variety. You can customize your favorite weapons and you’ll always have two of them. Special action moves are powerful, but limited in times of use. Same with healing potions: they can be scarce. It’s such an innovating and challenging game.

Those are just three reasons, but I bet you can come up with even more. Go look at the website or buy it on steam (really, it’s not expensive!) and try it! I promise, you won’t regret it.

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