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On the joys of being a girl gamer…

Clichés, we all have them and we all want to defy them.
As a girl with a gaming habbit (addiction?), I come across them quite often.

1. Hot gamer chicks.

No, I’m not some skinny, half naked hot chick with an XBox controller between her teeth. I don’t even own an XBox, ffs! So stop your imaginary drooling.

2. No-lifer, screaming at her XBox

I have a life thank you very much. I even have real life friends and a tangible boyfriend. /proud.
Also: I still don’t own an XBox

3. Favouritism / Girls can’t game

Back in my WoW days, I had to fight quite a bit for my raidspot. No, I did not get picked by the officers cause of my boobs. No, I did not bribe anyone with promises of half naked pictures with an XBox controller. I got on the team because I can actually kick your ass! And even though I do enjoy proving you wrong, having to defend myself every week gets a bit boring.

4. Girls don’t exist!

The cliché about girls on the internet: they’re not real.
Let me check here. Boobs, yeah. Lack of penis, yeah. Yep, I’m a girl. And according to Descartes, I’m very real. So get over it!


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