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This article has some very interesting ideas on instruction, literacy and media use. It certainly caught my attention!

Instructional Design Fusions

Storytelling is a powerful way of making learning stick. Moving from canned instruction to a narrative engages learners and helps them connect what’s being taught to their own mental models. Allowing learners to shape the narrative themselves is a particularly good way of allowing learners to pull what they need from the learning experience.

Enter transmedia

Transmedia uses different types of media to tell a story so it also sometimes goes by the name “cross-platform storytelling.” Transmedia audiences immerse themselves in narratives that  exist in parallel media universes and can dip into different expressions of a story, exploring this character’s perspective, or that setting’s context and history. An important way transmedia is different from simple multimedia delivery is that it’s participatory. Content is created and shared by users who, ideally, can take a role in shaping the narrative.

A good transmedia experience is a difficult feat to pull off and…

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Vacation & the waiting game continues

Whoot, exams are DONE for this semester! A full week of rest incoming, whoot whoot!  Well… Rest… It’s all relative. I do have to work for my thesis of course. Remember that pile of books? Yeah, I want to read about half of it. Why do I always give myself impossible deadlines again?

Still waiting for an answer from my promoter. Damnit, answer me! Maybe I should go stalk him in his office. Steal all his research material till he answers. Muhahahah!

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True, so true!

Inspiration Files

These days, nerds are everywhere. Twitter profiles proclaiming oneself as a nerd abound. Ironic nerd eyeglasses have been popularized by celebrities and adopted by the masses. There’s even a nerd dating website, and I swear at least one of your colleagues is on it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Nerd candy made a comeback. Blue tongues for everyone!

No longer confined to dusty basement computer labs and all-night LAN parties, one would imagine that the great 21st century nerd outage would result in all of us getting a little smarter when it comes to all things techy. Right? Wrong. Here are 10 things I’ve learned from having my very own live-in nerd. These may sound basic, but they’ve eliminated 90% of my tech problems over the past seven years.

  1. When there’s an update, do it. It sounds silly, but I used to think that those little updates…

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Test test.. is this thing on?


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