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Blog fail & finally clean

Apparently… I fail at blogging ^^

As in… forgetting I have one and not posting for -how long?- 1 week!
So WordPress, could you please install a ‘kick-me-in-the-butt-to-get-me-posting-when-I-forget’ function? Or would that be a lame name?

Also: quite proud of myself. And quietly proud too. I always mix up those two when it comes to spelling. Quiet, quite… Damn you, English language! And yet my spelling is still better than in my native one. Hurray! Oh yeah, the being proud part… (I get way too easily distracted lately). I ultimately and finally quit World of Warcraft! I managed to escape the addiction. Whoot whoot!
I was planning on actually returning to Azeroth and had a game card ready. But it basically sat in my backpack’s back pocket for a month. So I decided to give it away. I had no more urges to get back into that game whatsoever. The only reason I’d go back is my guild, but they turned into drama queens and a lot of cool people left. So here’s my goodbye note to them.

Dear guildies,

I’ve spent two years in your company.
Went from a noob hunter to a halfway decent dps and an almost decent healer.
I was there on our server first HC Lich King kill. (Ok ok, as a supporter on vent, but I was there on the other tries! And I almost shit my pants when you guys decided to almost wipe in the last couple of minutes!)
I picked up the pieces when raiders decided to QQ. Somehow I was good at being glue in the group. (Being a girl is awesome btw!)
You guys were my online (though not only, tyvm) friends for a very long time.
Some of you were on my own 10 man raiding team. Sorry for the yelling, but you should stop standing in purple shit on the floor.
Others had no faith in me when I got my full time raiding spot. (Being a girl sucks!) You did let me prove you wrong though.
A few of you were assholes. No other explanation needed.
But most of you were awesome. Amazing people I laughed and gamed with on a daily basis.
Oh and you introduced me to my boyfriend ^^

But times change. And it’s time to move on.
I’ll miss the days of old.


PS: I’m keeping the boyfriend. Been having a blast with him in the past year. Thanks!


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