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Vacation & the waiting game continues

Whoot, exams are DONE for this semester! A full week of rest incoming, whoot whoot!  Well… Rest… It’s all relative. I do have to work for my thesis of course. Remember that pile of books? Yeah, I want to read about half of it. Why do I always give myself impossible deadlines again?

Still waiting for an answer from my promoter. Damnit, answer me! Maybe I should go stalk him in his office. Steal all his research material till he answers. Muhahahah!


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I’m lost!

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Help! I’m getting lost here. It’s time to decide what research method I’ll use and I’m more than confused.

There’s narrative research, which I think is the broad category. But then there’s also rhetorical research based on Burke and discourse analysis by J.P. Gee. What is what? How the hell am I going to use it for gaming research? It’s all so CONFUSING! So if anyone can explain me these things in plain English: be my guest.

Pfff. Do I really have to write this thesis? Can’t I just game for hours and get good grades for it?

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